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There are many reasons why adventurers of all types travel to Arctic. Most of us are inspired by the opportunity to experience unique wildlife – polar bears, seals, whales going about their lives in a pristine, natural setting far from civilization.  


The Arctic is truly a paddler’s paradise!


You’re never far away from one of the Arctic's precious creatures.

Spectacular Views

The Arctic is full of beautiful vistas, colors, and landscapes –and they’re all spectacular!

What Our Travelers Have Said

Richard R.

This is an exceptional trip with an exceptional company.


I really can't think of anything that the staff and crew could have done to make this trip any better.

Linda H.

I'm telling you...this is one experience you MUST have.

Gavin W.

I could not have asked for anything more from this cruise and the company.


The whole trip was faultless.

Mona H.

One of, if not the, best trip experiences we have ever had (and we travel a lot).