Friends of the Norman Bird Sanctuary Specials from Poseidon Expeditions

Destinations where unrivaled scenery and extraordinary wildlife encounters defy belief.


Antarctica and the Arctic are home to glaciers of glittering white, seas of shining blue, and skies of colors that can't be named.


Kayak, hike, camp. Do it all at the world's southern-most-point.


Our world's northern- and southern-most points have rich histories of exploration, heroism and adventure.


Whales, seals, seabirds, and penguins are plentiful.

What Our Travelers Have Said


I am NOT a cruise person, but my Antarctic cruise with Poseidon was absolutely outstanding. I really can't think of anything the staff & crew could have done to make this trip any better. If I have any complaint it is the fact I gained 10 pounds on the voyage! I recommend checking into Poseidon. I will be cruising with them again!


I recently went to Antarctica with a team from Poseidon Expeditions. The whole trip was faultless. The team was very experienced...The care, interest, and humor they showed with their interaction with the guests was amazing. I would highly recommend Poseidon Expeditions to anyone seeking adventure at any age.


The tour was excellent. The staff was professional and so kind. I expected a lot from that trip and got even more than I expected. 


This was, for me, the perfect cruise. As we disembarked at the end I was ready to get back on and do it all again! I will definitely be booking a cruise up north with the same company - once I have saved up again!


Such a fantastic tour! highly professional team, everything was perfectly organized. It was not just a tour, but the combination of fun, education, and marvelous adventure. Great life experience!


An experience that cannot be just have to do it yourself. I would do it again. Antarctica with Poseidon - memorable, educational, soulful, classy, fun. DO IT!!